The following is a condensed list of options which can be passed to the daemon as explained in Passing launch options to the node:


Default values are indicated in bold.

Key Description Possible values
blsctmix Enables participation in xNAV aggregation sessions 1, 0
daemon Runs the node in the background 1, 0
dandelion Enables dandelion for transaction broadcast 1, 0
debug Enables debugging all, or the debug category
excludevote Marks staked blocks to be excluded from DAO quorums 1, 0
port Sets the P2P listen port  
printtoconsole Prints debug to console instead of debug.log  
rpcuser Sets the RPC username  
rpcpassword Sets the RPC password  
rpcport Sets the RPC port  
staking Enables or disables staking 1, 0
testnet Switches between mainnet (0) or testnet (1) 1, 0
torserver Launches a TOR server together with the daemon 1, 0
zapwallettxes Wipes out the wallet transactions and rescans the chain 2, 1, 0